Progress through digitalization – our smarthotel services


  • on your arrival your registration form is already completed and you only need to sign your name.
  • being able to open your hotel room via smartphone.
  • all your special requests have been satisfied – because we already knew them.
  • not having to line up for paying at the reception but simply pay via smartphone.

All this is possible at the Design Hotel and Congress Center Wienecke XI – with one single app:

How can an app make my stay more convenient and relaxing?

Would you like to save valuable time? Just download the conichi app to your smartphone! If you enable bluetooth, our hotel staff will be informed of your arrival. In that case they can conveniently prepare your registration form for you. A code will be sent to your smartphone, enabling you to unlock your room with your phone! You will no longer have to carry around keys or key cards that can easily get lost.

If you like, you can pay for your stay and any additional services via smartphone app. You no longer need to wait in line at the reception to pay! The bill will be sent to you via email. The transactions are subject to highest security standards. Any time the hotel charges your account, you will receive an email and a push notification on your smartphone. At no point are we able to view any of your credit card information!

How can I let the staff know of any special requests in advance?

You have requested an additional pillow or would prefer a ground floor room? We have already registered these requests before your arrival. This allows us to prepare your room accordingly – all thanks to the information you provided via conichi app. Enjoy a personalized hotel experience just the way you imagined it!

The digital guest briefcase – our special service for you!

All our rooms at the Hotel Wienecke XI. in Hanover come with a guest tablet. You will find a vast selection of news and entertainment on them. Would you like to access all important information about the accommodation and the region before your actual stay? Simply download the mobile guest briefcase app! It will also grant you access to several games, local newspapers, and radio stations.


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