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Sustainability and preservation of the environment: Certified Green Hotel

Preservation of the environment, sustainability and energy conservation are becoming increasingly important. Often, these are only hollow words though. Our motto, thus, is: “We don’t just talk – we ACT!”

Nevertheless, we would like to introduce the measures we are taking to ensure sustainability. These measures have led to the certification of the Wienecke XI. as a Certified Green Hotel. We’d like to set an example for the gastronomy and hotel sectors. These sectors have a social responsibility they must not ignore.

Resource-conserving planning and construction of the hotel

As early as 1997, when we started to build our hotel, energy optimization was one of our major concerns. Using advanced methods of heat insulation, we have always played an active part in the conservation of the environment. Furthermore, we utilize condensation boilers for heating and reduce the incoming electricity to 95%. This leads to a significant conservation of resources. Additionally, we achieve a much longer operating life out of lamps.

ÖKOPROFIT® (Ecoprofit) – Operational environment protection

Since 2006 we regularly have been consulting experts as part of ÖKOPROFIT® (Ecoprofit). ÖKOPROFIT® stands for “ÖKOlogisches PROjekt Für Integrierte UmweltTechnik” – meaning Ecological Project For Integrated Environmental Technology. It is a cooperation project of communes and companies, supporting companies in operational environment protection. Over the years this cooperation led to the joint creation of practical measures to conserve the environment. Among these measures are:

  • The modification of restrictors
  • The purchase of energy-saving devices, such as TVs, gas cookers and dishwashers
  • The usage of old and cleaned underground tanks for rainwater

Ecoprofit reports of the past years

Have a look at what we achieved with Ecoprofit. You will be amazed – as were we – by the potential ecological and economical savings a medium-sized company can achieve. Looking back, we are stunned how the to some extent high investments have been amortized in just a short time. Take part in the active conservation of nature!

Hanover is considered the greenest city of Germany – and we are happy to play a part in this. In conserving energy, water, waste, fuels and resources, we contribute to the high quality of living in Hanover.

Apart from the ecological advantages, we even improved our business situation. We are proud to say that by now we only require a third of the energy we predicted when starting the construction of the hotel. Therefore, an investment in a healthy environment is also an investment that will pay off for your enterprise.

The Wienecke XI. as a Certified Green Hotel

The several measures we took towards protection of the environment led to the Wienecke XI. being awarded the title Certified Green Hotel. This certification is awarded by the VDR (Verband Deutsches Reisemanagement e.V.) – the German Business Travel Association. It means that we have proven to meet the majority of the, in some cases quite strict, requirements of the VDR.

The Certified Green Hotel seal acknowledges our daily efforts and is also a motivation to keep up the good work. It shows that the Design Hotel and Congress Center Wienecke XI. is being managed sustainably, ecologically and future-oriented.

We, the owners and staff of the Wienecke XI., are proud of what we have achieved so far. But that doesn’t mean we are content and complacent. We are continuously making ourselves aware of our social responsibility. We are also trying to integrate the initiated processes even more into our daily work. This also means that we need to include you into our efforts – even though this is often difficult.


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